Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Kindergarten age cut-off policy?
The majority of our Kindergarten applicants turn 5 years old on or before August 1st. However we will consider students with later birthdays, and have admitted Kindergarteners with late August and September birthdays. We know that Kindergarten readiness is dependent on many factors, so age and birth date do not dictate our admissions process.

Does The Meridian School require testing for admission?
No. We do not require any testing. However, if you have tested your child for another school’s process, we always appreciate your sharing that information with us.

My child is gifted – is Meridian right for my child?
Many children who attend Meridian have been identified as highly capable through testing by various educational consultants. True to our mission of “balance,” we strive to create classroom cohorts that are representative of a range of learning styles and abilities.

What does it mean to be on the wait list?
Each year we have more qualified applicants than we have seats available. Our wait list consists of students who we believe would thrive at Meridian but for whom we don’t currently have space.

Is there tuition assistance?
Tuition assistance is available for families who demonstrate need. The tuition assistance application is evaluated separately from the admission process.

What extra costs might we anticipate?
Tuition covers nearly all costs, including classroom supplies, books, and field trips. Extended day and after-school enrichment classes are billed separately.

Can parents volunteer at the school?
We love volunteers at Meridian! Teachers offer volunteer opportunities at all grade levels, ranging from weekly in-class assistance to helping with specific lessons or driving for field trips. The Meridian Parent Association offers a host of opportunities, including positions as classroom reps, coordinators of community building events, and organizers of school events such as the Fall Carnival.


Academic Program

At Meridian, education is engaging and inspiring. The thematic curriculum fires imaginations and weaves academic learning into a joyful experience of exploration and discovery.




The Meridian community is one where students, staff, and families feel they are known, valued and belong. Our connections are strengthened through strong parent involvement and relationships with senior citizens, professional artists, and environmental educators that share our historic building.