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Class of 2008 Reunion

Class of 2008On Sunday the gym was filled with a wonderful group of Meridian alumni! A record number of high school seniors and their parents returned to campus to celebrate their high school graduation and reminisce about their years at Meridian. Lots of laughter, storytelling, and shared memories made the afternoon very special. Several staff members joined in the fun evening, which made it even more meaningful for alumni.

Our graduates have been busy and productive. We have alumni who are musicians, thespians, athletes in every sport, academic scholars, debaters, and community service advocates. Each had their own story which was rich and wonderful!

Some of the universities and colleges our alumni will be attending in the fall include: Colorado College, University of San Francisco, University of Oregon, Brown University, Washington State University, Macalester College, University of St. Andrews, University of San Diego, Tufts University, United States Naval Academy, University of Denver, Santa Clara University, Denison University, Wesleyan University, Whitman College and Cal Poly.

We remember each and every one of our soon-to-be high school graduates. It seems like only yesterday that they were enjoying so many of the things your children are enjoying today at Meridian. They are off on incredible journeys … and our entire school community has played a part in their lives. We wish them well. Congratulations to our Class of 2008!




The Alumni Moms Wine Tasting Party was such fun! Thank you to the many alumni moms who donated a bottle of wine to support our auction fundraising.




A Gift from the Class 2014: Class of 2014 alumni enjoyed reconnecting at the Alumni Carnival Pizza Party in October. The unveiling of their graduation gift to the school – a bench for the park – was a highlight.

Class of 2014

Eli B. is enjoying his first year in Middle School with more classes and greater responsibility. He likes taking science and thinks the teacher makes learning fun. Eli has just finished up playing soccer on the Seattle Academy Boys Soccer Team where he played with several other Meridian alums including Oliver Every, Eli Hill, Oliver Orkand, and Owen Richmond.

Eric F. attends The Bush School. He plays soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee and is a competitive swimmer. He did a community service elective called Oral History where the kids interviewed esteemed elders and made slide shows and movies of their life stories. The highlight of his fall was playing soccer with his Meridian school pals, coached by Rob Bayuk.

Emmet G. is enjoying 6th grade at Hamilton. He’s playing in the orchestra, trying out for sports teams and loving the academic challenge.

Jack G. is having a great year at Hamilton International M.S. He stays connected with many of his Meridian pals who are playing their 6th year of soccer together on the “Leopards,” coached by Meridian alumni parent Rob Bayuk.

Della H. is currently in New Zealand, six months in to her ten and a half month trip having travelled through Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysian Borneo, Bali and Australia. She is currently enrolled for a term as a Year 7 student at Mt Maunganui Intermediate School where she’s making friends and learning lots of fun Kiwi sayings (e.g. “togs” instead of “swim suit” or “cold as” instead of “very cold”). She has memorized almost all of the New Zealand national anthem in English but can’t really follow along when they sing it in Maori. Although she has to wear a uniform, she gets to go barefoot almost all day.

Anvie M. is settling into middle school at UPrep. She is enjoying the opportunities to dance, do art and be a part of sports teams.

Alden M. is a busy and is thoroughly enjoying his time at SAAS. He has been active in Boy Scouts as well as sports. He is still volunteering at Wally Pets in exchange for treats for Arwen!

Oliver O. is loving SAAS. He is playing for two soccer teams, learning Latin, and trying to save the Snow Leopards.

Ellie S. loves 6th grade at Hamilton! Her first class every day is band, where she plays the alto Sax. After school, she sings with the Northwest girl choir and enjoys recreational soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

Rowan S. is at Seattle Girls’ School, playing soccer for her school and skateboarding at SGS Wednesday Workshops. She is singing in Northwest Girl Choir.

Adair T. enjoys playing soccer and basketball at UPrep and likes her geography, science, and P.E. classes. She has been busy playing Emerald City soccer and this past summer, Adair along with Meridian friends Sophie and Ella Raymond, enjoyed creating and putting on a week long Summer camp for school age kids called UART. Adair looks forward to playing spring lacrosse.

Jenny Sophia V. has joined the Pumas volleyball team, created a cooking club with other friends and is learning her third language: French.

Class of 2013

Jake J. attends Kellogg Middle School where he plays the trumpet in the school band. He plays lacrosse and soccer with his Meridian friends.

Paisley M. is in the Spectrum advanced learning program at Hamilton International Middle School. Now in 7tn grade, she has received straight A’s in each of her semesters at Hamilton, and is currently taking 8th grade level math. She is very active in the school’s La Chispa club and, outside of school, Paisley is singing with Northwest Girlchoir. This summer, Paisley will travel with the girlchoir to New Orleans and to participate in the Crescent City Choral Festival. Paisley still enjoys returning to Meridian to help Ms. Palmer in the library whenever Hamilton is on break, but Meridian is in session.

Roman S. visited Greece and Italy trip during February with classmates from Seattle Academy.

Ian S. is in the 7th grade at Whitman MS, playing trombone in the Jazz Band, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Ashley S. is loving University Prep. She has played on the D1 Volleyball team for 6th and 7th Grade, enjoying the time on the court inside. She continues to play soccer year round for Seattle United. She will attended a tournament for Seattle United in Las Vegas in January.

Class of 2012

Thea A. is loving 8th grade! She is playing Lakeside soccer and volleyball, has a small role in the 8th grade play, and is spending lots of time with friends and doing homework.

Clara C. is an 8th grader at The Hamlin School in San Francisco. Aside from hanging out with friends and family, her main activities outside school are baking, reading, playing piano, singing, and snow skiing. She’s excited to find out soon which high school she will attend.

Daniel S. is having an epic 8th grade year at Billings Middle School–from FLL Robotics to the snow program–though the snow program has been a bit dismal due to lack of snow in the mountains. He has also participated in other sports this year–soccer, rock climbing, skiing (sort of) and tennis this spring and has had a lot of fun in drama, playing Bottom in Shakespeare’s 12th Night, as well as creating a modernized Shakespeare poem in the Billings Annual Poetry Slam. This summer should be really fun. Daniel will be assisting the famous Mary Allen, Meridian School’s tech guru, in her digital photography summer camp, as well as being a summer assistant at the Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Tilth Garden. And this fall he is looking forward to joining many other Billings grads as the freshman class of 2019 at Bishop Blanchet High School. Go Braves!

Class of 2011

Ethan B. is enjoying his first year of high school at Uprep! Both in and outside of school he loves playing different instruments like guitar, tenor sax in the uprep jazz band, and occasionally piano.

Class of 2010

Annabelle H. is at Roosevelt High School. She is passionate about American Sign Language, drama, her summer life-guarding job at Wedgwood Pool and of course dogs.

Katrina M., young Seattle Academy movie maker, was proud to see her latest movie be part of the 2015 Children’s Film Festival Seattle.

Hannah W. is a sophomore at U Prep. She is singing with the U Prep Jazz Band and taking vocal lessons at Creative Music Adventures. She is also working from time to time as a photographer’s assistant and working on improving her photography skills.

Emma S. is in the 10th grade at Ingraham HS, in the IB program, and in the debate team and loving it!

Joshua W-B. is a 10th grader at University Prep and loves tennis and jazz ensemble.

Class of 2009

Mehret C. lives with family in the Greenlake neighborhood and is a junior at Roosevelt High School. Singing with her voice teacher of over seven years continues to be a source of joy for her. The college application process looms, and she will be traveling to the east coast to look at prospective schools later this spring with an eye to pre-law programs.