Extended Day Program

Our Philosophy


Play is essential to a child’s academic and social-emotional development. Everyone has an innate playfulness and curiosity that contributes to learning. The Meridian School offers an Extended Day program that supports the academic program (homework help, class room news, Global Studies), school climate (Responsive Classroom, small group activities), and social activities (community service, special events) in our community in a safe, inclusive, and playful environment. The Meridian School Extended Day program balances teacher – led and child-centered activities, and enrichment classes that enable students the opportunity to create, learn, engage, and have fun. The Extended Day program strives to be an active component of the academic program where students have an opportunity to use their extended time at The Meridian School to enrich their on-campus experience.

On Thursday,  June 8th Extended Day will be closed for the staff end of year celebration.  Extended Day will resume as normal June 9th.   

Hours & Format

Extended Day runs from 7:00 to 8:30AM and from 3:00 to 6:00PM and always includes a nutritious snack for students. Snack May 15-26

Group 1: Kindergarten and Catherine Fonner’s first grade class

Group 2: Kennedy’s first grade class and 2nd grade

Group 3: 3rd-5th grade

Groups 2 and 3 are housed in the North Annex until 3:45PM.  Group 1 remains in our extended day room until 3:45PM.

Monthly Activity Schedule

Every week our team comes up with a different theme. Based on this theme we plan and implement a project every day.  May Schedule

Extended Day Families

Please read our Extended Day Parent hand book 2016-17 and return a signed copy of the agreement in the Extended Day Room #1 South Annex.

Here are Extended Day Quick Facts 2016-17 to help navigate extended day!

May Inservice Day

May 26th in-service day is open for registration.  The schedule is now available May 26th Inservice.  Please follow the link below to register your child.    http://meridianschool.campbrainregistration.com