Faculty and Staff Achieved 100% Participation on October 10, 2016!! 

Thanks to the leadership of kindergarten teacher Sean Carroll, every member of Meridian’s faculty and staff has made a generous gift to this year’s Annual Fund. What an incredible way to start the fundraising year!

Done in 31 

Each year families at Meridian, as well as faculty, staff, trustees, alumni families, grandparents and friends of the school demonstrate their belief in our mission by giving to the Annual Fund. These gifts provide fuel for our programs, students, teachers and facilities, and make the difference between an acceptable education and an extraordinary experience. This year we are targeting our efforts to 31 days, with the goal of raising $200,000 by November 11.

Gifts to the Annual Fund support:

  • Small student /teacher ratios providing full-time Associates at every grade level
  • Customized learning to meet different needs and aspirations of our students
  • Relevant materials and up-to-date tools for enhanced learning
  • Expanded student learning experiences; Equity and Inclusion, Place-Based, Service Learning and Global Studies
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic staff for student support and acceleration

Full Community participation is vital to the overall health of our school – thank you for your support!

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2016 Auction

The Auction raised over $102,129 and these proceeds will provide the necessary funds to offer tuition assistance to families, professional development for teachers, and enhance students’ formative growth as stewards of their local community, engagement in learning, and academic success. Click here to visit our Meridian Auction page!

2016 Fund-a-Need


Over the past thirty-two years Meridian’s March Auction has been the venue for inviting the community to help support a “need” or “vision” which benefits the students and teachers. It is a strategically chosen priority which is not yet funded by the operating budget and where fundraising helps turn visions into reality.

This year “Fund-The-Faculty” raised $125,700 that will be expended over three years.  Matching funds will increase this amount further.

We will spend these funds over three years focused on Literacy and Language Arts, Social/Emotional Learning and S.T.E.A.M. Teachers have already attended a Social Thinking conference due to our community’s generosity.  We are all looking forward to integrating new ideas from the Science of Imagination conference and the Teachers College Writer’s Workshop training.

Please remember to apply for matching funds – your gift will be doubled and from some companies even tripled! We appreciate your and your employer’s generous support.