Our 2017 Fund-a-Vision, Experts and Explorations, raised $120,950 to allow Meridian to bring in both local and national experts to our community and allow our students to explore the greater Seattle area through our place-based education program.


Our 2016 Fund-a-Vision, Fund-The-Faculty, raised $125,700, providing Meridian faculty members with a wide variety of professional growth and collaborative development opportunities focused on Literacy and Language Arts, Social/Emotional Learning and S.T.E.A.M. curricula.


Our 2015 Fund-a-Vision, Fund-A-Fleet, raised $167,046 which was directed toward the puchase of two mini buses and a van, allowing us to transport an entire grade level of students on field trips and outdoor explorations. Our fleet hit the roads in May 2015 and has been busily transporting students 12 months a year ever since!