Service Learning

Active citizenship and character development are integral parts of Meridian’s mission. Throughout the year, our students are involved in a variety of support and outreach efforts


What is Service Learning? Service Learning is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates community service with classroom learning. It results in meaningful projects where students’ efforts benefit their community while they gain experience in civic responsibility and teamwork, and deepen their knowledge of core curricular themes.

At Meridian, Service Learning projects help our students make connections with different communities, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Projects have included collecting clothing and supplies for homeless children in partnership with Wellspring’s Baby Boutique, volunteering at the FamilyWorks Food Bank and starting vegetable seedlings for low income gardeners.

sl_project-exampleWith support from the Service Learning Committee, teachers develop a myriad of ways to engage students in a wide range of integrated learning opportunities. Grade level projects have included sustainable disposal of student food waste, helping improve salmon-spawning habitats, raising awareness and funds to support wildlife at the local zoo, and learning advocacy skills through letter-writing campaigns to state representatives. Service projects employ language arts, social studies, technology, science and math and support our core curriculum through experiential learning.

In building strong communities locally and globally and by encouraging students to embrace their connections to the world in which they live, Meridian promotes responsibility, compassion and active civic engagement.



The Meridian community is one where students, staff, and families feel they are known, valued and belong. Our connections are strengthened through strong parent involvement and relationships with senior citizens, professional artists, and environmental educators that share our historic building.


Global Studies

In 2006, Meridian began the development of an interdisciplinary Global Studies program with the goal that Meridian students will view themselves as capable learners and researchers of many regions, cultures, and peoples of the world.