Specialist Classes

Six specialist programs in Music, Art, Technology, Library, Spanish, and Health & Fitness enrich the curriculum and allow students to explore the world through different disciplines.

By providing a balance between rigorous academic instruction and social-emotional development, Meridian develops intelligent, competent and caring world citizens.

Students attend Music, Art, Technology and Library classes once each week. Fourth and fifth graders also enjoy an extra music time each week as part of The Meridian Chorus. Spanish and Health & Fitness classes are held twice a week. Students in all grade levels meet with each specialists at the same frequency.

Academic Program

At Meridian, education is engaging and inspiring. The thematic curriculum fires imaginations and weaves academic learning into a joyful experience of exploration and discovery.



Global Studies

In 2006, Meridian began the development of an interdisciplinary Global Studies program with the goal that Meridian students will view themselves as capable learners and researchers of many regions, cultures, and peoples of the world.