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Community Service Day

Community Service Day

By:  Meridian 2nd Graders

We hacommunity-service-day-gr25d so much fun at Community Service Day this year! Doing things to help isn’t always easy, but we had a lot of fun helping the community. During the day we picked up trash with little grabbers. One of the groups went to the sidewalk, and the other group walked around the park picking up trash left by people. We learned that there is a lot of litter, especially in places we didn’t think there would be, around our neighborhood. There was a lot of trash on the ground, and there was even a soda can in the middle of the road!

Community Service Day is important because it helps make the area cleaner, and makes the community safer for adults, kids and plants. It also makes the park and playground look good for everyone who visits.

It was great to work with our 5th grade buddies! It made it easier to not have to hold the trash bag and use the grabbers to clean up the trash. They also helped because they were able to reach the trash better with their longer arms. It was fun to have new people to work with, and was also nice to have so many parents there helping us out and keeping us safe.

We are very excited to be older buddies, and to spend Community Service Day with Kindergartners next year!

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