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Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight

By: Meridian 2nd Graders

img_20161201_204615We had a blast at the Museum of Flight! We did a lot of activities while we were there, but our favorite was when we all got Eggstronauts (egg astronauts) and we made rockets to launch them in the air. One of the rockets blew up, so the egg went flying into the concrete and it burst! The rockets were made from a plastic bag, a garbage bag, 2 cups of cement, string, duct tape, and a 2 liter bottle. Building the rockets was so much fun. Everyone built it differently, but many of us shared our ideas!

There was a big room with the fastest plane in the world. We didn’t go inside the plane because it is very delicate and special. We went to an exhibit with real
and model planes, and there were a bunch of image4games that we could play. There were rides that we
went on, too! There was also flying gizmo show, with remote control flying machines. Some of them went so high, and one of them did a loop around everyone. It was awesome to see all the different types of things that can fly, from dragonflies to rocketships.

We learned about the race to the moon, space, and how to build rockets. It’s so much easier, and more fun, to learn with live examples!

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