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Family Science Night and Specialist Showcase

Family Science Night and Specialist Showcase

By: Meridian 2nd Graders

We all loved Science and Specialists Night! We think this night is important because parents get to see what their kids are learning. We think it was a great example of the kinds of things we do during the day because there were lots of variety. There were Spanish rhythms, making motors, board games, pulley systems and more! There was a fun water cycle game and a cloud system activity where we used different color dye in shaving cream to see different types of systems.

We think that the parents had a lot of fun too, not just the kids. We think they had fun because they got to meet new people, and that’s exciting.

If we could change anything about Science Night, we would make it longer because it was so fun! It was really busy, so maybe we could also add a time limit to each station. We liked that we got to take home some of our creations and projects, and we can’t wait to go again next year!

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