Our Hopes and Dreams

By: Meridian Kindergarten and Third Graders

As we embark on a new school year, all of our students spent time discussing their hopes and dreams for the year!

As Kindergarteners, we’re excited about reading and writing. We have seen our older siblings doing it and it seems like something that’s really important. We have read stories we like as a whole class and we want to learn to read more by ourselves. It’s fun to play with so many new friends, and we hope that we can do more of that, and make even more friends this year! We love all the different classes that we get to visit, especially music. We want to perform really badly!

As third graders, we’re excited about more field trips, like our overnight to Camp Seymour. We’ve heard about so many things that we can learn about and do so it’s been something we’re really looking forward to. We will have homework for the first time this year, which isn’t always fun, but it does mean that we get to learn more which we like. We hope that we can go more in-depth into topics that we are studying and interested in because we think we can really dive into more projects thank we could last year.

We all hope that we can keep making Meridian a better place. We love being around nature, and it is so cool that we get to experience it every day. We want to get to know our new classmates more and become a part of the Meridian community as well as the Good Shepherd Center’s community. Even though we miss summer, we’re so excited to be back at school!