Exploration Day

By: Meridian Third Graders

Exploration Day is a day where you pick a topic you don’t know much about, and you explore, research and learn all about it! First, we find articles and resources and we gather information. On Exploration Day itself we give a presentation about all that we learned. Some of us create poster presentations, and some of our classmates create scaled models and displays. You can use charts, diagrams, dioramas, and you can compare and contrast to really demonstrate your learning! We are exploring things like the difference between black holes and worm holes, why the Titanic sank, how robins build their nests, the invention of the lightbulb, and sharks!

Since this is a one day event, we have essentially the whole day (except recess and lunch) to work on our projects. It’s a pretty exciting thing, because we get the freedom to pick a topic that interests us, and we can figure out what we can make with the materials we have available. This project makes us a little nervous because it takes a lot of work and we have to present our final results to everyone! But it’s good because that will make it even more satisfying when we are finished.

The expectation at the end of the day is that we learned more about our topic and feel confident presenting to our parents and friends. It’s really fun because it doesn’t have to be just about things you would normally learn in the classroom, we can learn about things we are truly interested in, which makes the research a lot more engaging. We can’t wait for the next Exploration Day!