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Día de los Muertos

By: Meridian 4th Graders

We learned a lot when we celebrated Día de los Muertos here at Meridian. Día de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday where you remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones that died. For true authenticity, you’re actually supposed to go to the cemetery in a procession, decorate the graves, and be there all night!


Last Friday we had our own procession and brought offerings (fruit, candles, flowers) to the altar in the front of our gym. The altar had pictures of lost loved ones like family members, friends, and pets.

We decorated monarchs with pictures of our lost loved ones and put them all over the gym. We thought there would be stars to decorate, but instead we used butterflies. They represent the monarch butterflies that fly over Mexico. Some people believe when you die you become a monarch, and they are souls of the lost returning home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was special bread there called Pan de Muertos that you have during the celebration. It has bone shaped pieces to represent and honor the dead. It was really good! There was also copal (tree resin) which is like incense but isn’t bad for you. The flowers on the alter were marigolds (cempasúchi in Spanish), because they’re supposed to guide the dead to the celebration.

ddlm1The music during the event was surprising. It was kind of sad, kind of happy, and sort of bittersweet.

We want people to know that Día de los Muertos is not a scary holiday (even though the name can be scary for some people). It’s important to remember loved ones and to experience different ways of celebrating their lives.

Grandparents & Special Friends Day

By: Meridian 1st Graders

Meridian School Grandparent and Special Person Day 2016Everybody in the whole grade was looking forward to Grandparents and Special Friends Day, even the people who didn’t have a grandparent or special friend visiting, because it is exciting to get to meet new people and have fun activities to do. There were so many guests that Kennedy’s class was too full, and two first graders had to be honorary guests in Ms. Fonner’s classroom!

Grandparents and Special Friends Day is a day for us to see grandparents and friends who are special, and to have a little company in school. It’s a chance for the visitors to learn about Meridian and what we do here, and to experience some of our classrooms!

There was a lot to do on Friday! We played fun games like Domino Top Drop and Four Strikes You’re Out, and taught a miniature music lesson about what we’re learning, like staccato and legato. We also counted the steps it took to get from the music room to our classroom (but we can’t remember how many it was). Then we drew pumpkins that had facts about our family, like how many people lived in our house.

Meridian School Grandparent and Special Person Day 2016The day is a really good time to have company, make friends, and show your special people around. It’s not all the time that you get to spend time with your family at school, and sharing that is really fun, because it’s a great place! It makes them feel like they’re one of us, because they are one of us. It makes them feel important a school too, not just at home with our families.

Community Service Day

By:  Meridian 2nd Graders

We hacommunity-service-day-gr25d so much fun at Community Service Day this year! Doing things to help isn’t always easy, but we had a lot of fun helping the community. During the day we picked up trash with little grabbers. One of the groups went to the sidewalk, and the other group walked around the park picking up trash left by people. We learned that there is a lot of litter, especially in places we didn’t think there would be, around our neighborhood. There was a lot of trash on the ground, and there was even a soda can in the middle of the road!

Community Service Day is important because it helps make the area cleaner, and makes the community safer for adults, kids and plants. It also makes the park and playground look good for everyone who visits.

It was great to work with our 5th grade buddies! It made it easier to not have to hold the trash bag and use the grabbers to clean up the trash. They also helped because they were able to reach the trash better with their longer arms. It was fun to have new people to work with, and was also nice to have so many parents there helping us out and keeping us safe.

We are very excited to be older buddies, and to spend Community Service Day with Kindergartners next year!

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