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How Māui Brought Fire to the World

By: Meridian 4th Graders

Our next drama performance (Wednesday, March 8) is “How Māui Brought Fire to the World.” The main character is Māui and he has a group of friends. They all want to know where fire comes from, so they put out all of the fires in their village to force the adults to tell them where to get it from. Then, they go on an adventure to find the goddess, Mahuika, who created fire.

We started drama class after winter break. It’s really fun to play a character from a different story and to feel the passion of that character. The directors are always nice and try and give you a part that you will like. They are a good judge of how you will do in each part, and sometimes they know (even better than you do!) what part fits you best. The first thing we did at rehearsal was read through the script several times. By reading through the lines, you start to get a better idea of the role you are playing.

Acting is about being assigned a character and adding your own personality. If the character is supposed to be mad, you have to add your own anger to make it more believable. Acting is really challenging because you have to understand the character and yourself really well in order to relate to the role you are playing. It’s really hard to balance yourself and your character.

We wish the rehearsals would continue, or that we could have more performances because we love drama! It makes us feel proud because the play becomes this real thing, and the process is challenging but rewarding. It’s something you have to work for and give your all.

We would recommend that people try being in a play because it’s a great opportunity to find what you’re passionate about, and is a really fun experience. Remember: you have to be bold to be a part of the play!

(The accompanying photos are from our fall drama production, “Tales of the South Island Seas”)