Board of Trustees

As a nonprofit independent school, The Meridian School is governed by a board of trustees whose members serve the school on a voluntary basis.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for governance and financial oversight, strategic planning, and supporting school and mission stewardship. Trustees serve as voting members in three-year terms, up to two terms.

Governance and Financial Oversight

  • Monitor finances and ensure adequate resources, including setting of tuition and budget oversight.
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  • Hire, evaluate, support, and when necessary, replace the Head of School.

Strategic Planning

  • Ensure effective long-term planning, including development, and support the execution of the strategic plan.

Supporting the School and Mission Stewardship

  • Provide positive ambassadorship to the larger school community and speak to the larger community as “one voice.”
  • Ensure school program alignment to mission.
  • Support development efforts.

The board is responsible for the Head of School and its primary work is long term and strategic. The Head of School, in partnership with school administration, is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the school. Board meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the academic year.

The board maintains a number of standing committees on which parents and community members with relevant expertise serve.

The Committee on Trustees determines and evaluates the composition of the board and its leadership, takes responsibility for policy and by-laws, and leads the ongoing effort to support the growth and development of the board and its individual members.

The Advancement Committee oversees all annual and long-range and fundraising activities of the school and oversees the advancement of the school into the broader community.

The Equity and Inclusion Committee provides leadership and guidance in developing an inclusive and welcoming learning and working environment and oversees the implementation of the board’s vision for diversity.

The Executive Committee is composed of the board chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, and Head of School. The immediate past chair and an additional trustee at the discretion of the officers may also be members. The committee serves as a sounding board for the Head, and addresses, on behalf of the board, issues requiring urgent attention between meetings.

The Facilities Committee develops and executes short- and long-term plans related to the construction, lease, repair, and maintenance of the physical plant.

The Finance Committee develops the long-range financial plan and yearly operational budget of the school and oversees investments, audits, and financial policies of the school.

Meet the Board

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