Welcome to the Meridian School

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Meridian community!

Please follow these instructions to view Meridian’s enrollment contract and complete your child’s enrollment process. 

Contract and deposit instructions:

1. Please log in to myMeridian to view and sign the contract. myMeridian is a student information system that all Meridian families access throughout the year to view their child’s schedule, classroom resources, progress reports, required school forms, and more.

  • Each parent/guardian will have a unique username. Your username is your email address as entered on your child’s Ravenna profile.
  • Please use the Sign in with Google SSO option to sign in.
  • If more than one person is signing the contract, the first person to sign must log in and complete and submit the contract and deposit before the next person signs in.
  • Click on the banner at the top of the screen that says You Have a Contract to Accept.
  • The Meridian School requires all parents/guardians to sign the contract through their individual accounts.
  • The first parent/guardian signer should select: No, I do not already have a Smart Tuition Account with The Meridian School. A Smart Tuition account will then be automatically created for your family. Your Smart Tuition Account will be linked to myMeridian in the Resource section and will facilitate bill payment throughout the school year.

2. Click continue to contract.

3. Please initial in the required boxes and select a tuition payment plan option. Please note: the first parent/guardian to initial and sign will select the tuition payment plan option. Please contact Kelley Williams if changes need to be made to your family’s payment plan selection.

4. Once required boxes are initialed and a required signer signs the contract, you will be prompted to select a deposit payment option and input billing information.

Your contract will be considered complete once it has been signed by all parents/legal guardians, and your enrollment will be confirmed when we receive your family’s enrollment deposit.

If you have questions regarding your enrollment contract, please contact admissions@meridianschool.edu

If you have questions regarding your family’s tuition assistance award, or need to appeal your offer, please contact Tuition Assistance Committee Chair, Kelley Williams.

Approach to Learning

Guided by a belief in the power of a wide range of human potential, we approach each child’s learning flexibly and responsively. Our inclusive approach serves a diverse community of learners through tailoring of curriculum, instructional differentiation and small group intervention or extension.




The Meridian community is one where students, staff, and families feel they are known, valued and belong. Our connections are strengthened through strong family involvement and relationships with senior citizens, professional artists, and environmental educators that share our historic building.


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