At A Glance



Welcome to Meridian School! An independent K-5 school, we are located in a grand, century-old building nestled in a verdant Meridian Park in Wallingford. Meridian inspires children to approach learning with passion and curiosity. Classes are small and our curriculum is challenging – but that is just the beginning. Education at Meridian is much more than lessons in the classroom or problem solving on Smart Boards. It’s about life.

We ask a lot of our students. We ask them to be thinking people who care. We push them to be reflective, and to explore a diversity of thoughts and perspectives. As citizens of the world, we encourage them to make connections between themselves, their local community and the larger global society in which they live. Perhaps most important, we expect Meridian students to develop into compassionate, responsible young adults who understand both their heart and their mind, and the link between the two.

Come explore for yourself. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Meghan Kimpton
Head of School

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