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Founded in 1976, the Meridian School has a long-standing history of cultivating joyous, deep learning, and caring relationships among students, faculty, and families. A community focused on nurturing the next generation of cultural and global stewards committed to inspiring and impacting the world resonates in our school. At Meridian, you will see, feel, and hear that Meridian Cares, a mantra that reminds us to care for ourselves, our place, and our world. 

We value our connections to community and space, and through inquiry-based learning, encourage our students “to think globally, act locally” by tackling the real-world challenges posed by the United Nations’s Sustainable Developmental Goals.  Our students rise to the task, finding their purpose and voice in the process.  

Whether our students are engaging with local leaders or taking action as ecological or human rights stewards, there is an intentional emphasis on addressing social inequities to improve the global rights of all.  Meridian’s strong foundation in equity and inclusion is nationally recognized and provides opportunities for our community to engage in dialog, healthy debate, and action that supports inclusive practices.  

Meridian continues to grow and adapt to the ever-evolving changes of the 21st century by prioritizing empathy, teaching design thinking, nurturing curiosity, and embracing an innovator’s mindset that requires collaboration, intellectual creativity, and reflection. We know that learning happens within and beyond our classroom walls, and we use our world as our teaching lab.

The beauty of Meridian is best experienced in person. I invite your family to visit and witness our incredible learning community firsthand. We hope to see you soon!


Ruth Mathis Bissell, Ph.D.


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