An Equitable & Inclusive Community

The Meridian School promotes diversity of thought and identity by bringing together community and curriculum, connecting awareness to actions, and celebrating the contribution of the individual to the community.


We believe that the challenges of our world require culturally-competent, well-rounded, critically thinking individuals who are prepared to be responsible and active global citizens; that diversity brings perspectives and authentic experiences central to an education that balances the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of children; and, that a school community and learning environment that is inclusive and more diverse will promote a deeper understanding of varying points of view, and will fuel innovation, creativity, and progressive change.

“I have been very impressed with the school’s efforts to make Meridian a caring and safe environment for students who are celebrated for their cultural, racial, socio-economic and gender diversity, as well as their unique strengths and backgrounds. It makes my family very proud to be at Meridian, who is committed to equity and inclusion, not just on paper but in action. By participating in the Equity and Inclusion Team, I have learned a lot from the teachers and fellow parents and I have become even more confident that our family’s goals for our daughter were being supported and complemented by the Meridian School. I have been touched by the deep thoughtfulness, discussions, and efforts that were behind every event and speaker topic this school year.  As a result of the care, support, and sensitivity of her teachers and classmates, our child is proud of who she is and all her ethnic heritages. She is receiving instruction in the meaning and value of community which she will carry with her always.”  –a Meridian Parent

Join our Team! We are actively seeking dedicated, culturally competent faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.


Global Competency

At Meridian, we believe that the challenges of our world require culturally competent, well-rounded, critically thinking individuals who are empowered to inquire, investigate, innovate and impact their communities.


Service Learning

Integrity, compassion, and responsibility are essential to the mission of Meridian. Students are guided toward self-discipline and thoughtful decisions, mindful of both themselves and the community.



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