Health & Fitness

The health and fitness program aims to instill in each child a sense of physical confidence and well-being within a fun and supportive learning environment.


A variety of engaging games and activities promote focus and skill development, cooperation and teamwork. Special units include soccer, floor hockey, bowling, archery, track and field, and circus arts. The program is structured to meet student needs on an individual basis and to promote individual success.

All students learn about health and fitness components of physical well-being. The health and fitness program uses a research based Five for Life curriculum. Using age-appropriate academic instructional units in an activity-based setting, the Five for Life basic program moves students through a continuum of learning without compromising activity time for students. Individual health and fitness portfolios allow students to document the results of fitness tests as well as personal goals and reflections on health and fitness choices.

Helping students develop enthusiasm for the movement experience is emphasized in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. A wide variety of large muscle experiences involve both locomotor and nonlocomotor movements. Manipulative experiences with small objects (beanbags, balls, hoops, etc.) contribute to hand-eye coordination and the acquisition of sports-related skills and overall physical fitness.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders develop a number of basic sports skills with an emphasis on individual progress and goal setting. Games and other activities further enhance cooperative skills. Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the importance of lifelong fitness.

Special events present a variety of supplemental learning experiences.  Circus arts training from artists in residence, traditional games from other cultures hosted by international student volunteers, and an upper school track and field meet at West Seattle Stadium enhance the program.

Program Highlights

  • circus arts curriculum: wire walking, juggling, rolling globe, Chinese yo-yo, flower sticks and unicycles
  • spring Field Day for kindergarten, first and second graders
  • spring Track and Field Day for third, fourth, and fifth graders
  • climbing wall with routes developed in collaboration with professional climber
  • upper grade archery unit provided by National Archery in the Schools program
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