Global Competency

At Meridian, we have designed an interdisciplinary curriculum with the goal that Meridian students develop awareness, skills, and knowledge required to take action and promote positive social change locally and globally.


As global structures and systems evolve due to changes in cultural and social ideologies, politics, the environment and technological growth, teaching and learning about the world also needs to be dynamic and relevant for students. At Meridian, we want our students to gain an understanding of how global, social and natural systems interact and progress. We also want our students to realize and act upon the notion that “thinking globally and acting locally” impacts and creates change within our communities for the betterment for all.

Our Global Citizens Framework details our guiding concepts and learning objectives, through which we measure achievement of our programmatic goals. The framework integrates student outcomes and “I Can” statements from the Four Domains of Global Competence Framework (Asia Society) and Social Justice Standards Framework (Teaching Tolerance).

In a developmentally appropriate manner, Meridian students will:

  • Be aware, curious, and interested in learning about themselves, others, the world and how it works.
  • Be analytical critical thinkers to inquire and investigate the world in order to increase their knowledge about pressing issues of our time.
  • Be empathetic and understand their social responsibility.
  • Recognize multiple perspectives and communicate their views effectively.
  • Plan and collaborate in taking action to improve conditions.

Throughout the year, students engage in an in-depth, project-based study of a global issue in connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Themes explored include: migration, indigenous voices, sustainability, immigrant stories, civil rights, climate change and inspirational, community leaders. Our interdisciplinary program is enhanced by specialist integration, visits from local experts and programming during Friday Morning Meetings and classroom workshops. Studies are culminated in May on our much anticipated Global Citizen Exchange Day. On this day, our students eagerly share their acquired knowledge and research projects with the entire school community.

Last year, Meridian partnered with the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience and The Burke Museum at the University of Washington. All students visited one or both of these museums for a full day, and Meridian faculty benefited from a curricular collaboration with museum educators. To learn more about our community partnerships, please read our 2019 Equity & Inclusion Newsletter.


Academic Program

At Meridian, education is engaging and inspiring. The thematic curriculum fires imaginations and weaves academic learning into a joyful experience of exploration and discovery.



Equity & Inclusion

The Meridian School promotes diversity of thought and identity by bringing together community and curriculum to open minds and hearts, connect awareness to actions, and celebrate the contribution of the individual to the community.


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