Meridian’s library program works to develop students’ confidence about using libraries and being in libraries. Being prepared to learn and having the vocabulary to ask questions are necessary skills for successful 21st century students. 


The library is where love of learning flourishes. Reading aloud and reading exercises are a big part of helping students have broad reading experiences. The library is also a place of exploration. It’s a place to discover things about the world and also to discover who you want to be in the world. The library aims to support student exploration and personal growth as they age through the school. The book collection is carefully curated to provide students with mirrors of themselves and windows into lives unlike their own. At each grade level, students work on developing their reading tastes and their own knowledge of how to find and describe their own interests.

In kindergarten and first grade, the students learn to navigate the physical space of the library. Second and third graders learn to interact with the school library digitally, using the catalog to search for books and taking on some of the management of their own library accounts. Fourth and fifth grades work on broadening those skills outside of Meridian, such as with the Seattle Public Library catalog.

Program Highlights

  • Research projects that integrate with the Creativity Lab
  • Collaboration with the local public library, including visits from the Children’s Librarian
  • 5th Grade field trip to a middle school library
  • A curated collection with an eye to student interest and inclusion of a variety of voices and stories
  • Book fairs coordinated with local independent bookstores to build community
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