Planning for Fall 2020

Since March, we have prioritized the use of science, data, and state and local guidelines in our planning of a safe return to campus. In August, Washington released the recently developed risk assessment decision tree for K-12 schools. Based on their guidance, King County is still in a high risk category for COVID-19 transmission.

Our progress towards hybrid instruction will follow the established risk categories based on prevalence of COVID-19 within the community.

  • High Risk: Remain in virtual learning model.
  • Moderate Risk: Initiate a progression towards outdoor learning and hybrid model. The lower range of moderate represents an amount of community prevalence that is acceptable for returning safely instruction on campus without risking immediate closure or quarantine. In order to ensure health and safety, our kindergarten and first grade students would move onto campus first, followed by additional grade levels in subsequent weeks.
  • Low Risk: Students on campus with social distancing measures in place until the public health situation resolves sufficiently or a vaccine is widely available.
Planning Priorities

Multiple teams have been involved in the planning process for the 2020-2021 school year; the school-based leadership team, an advisory committee of faculty, the Crisis Response Team consisting of parents, staff, and experts in various fields, and the Board of Trustees. Each group contributed thoughtfully to the process over the last three months, dedicating many hours in order to develop a plan that realizes our highest priorities:

Ensure a Safe and Healthy Campus
Using science, data, and state and local guidelines, plan for the healthy and safe return to our campus.

Deliver an Effective, Dynamic Program
Establish a safe, consistent, cohesive, educational program that can leverage engaging online and in-person learning environments while keeping our commitment to offering a strong program reflective of our mission.

Enhance Community Connections
Maintain and strengthen our strong community bonds through community building, monitoring and supporting of social-emotional and mental health needs, and engaging the Meridian community in both virtual and in-person settings.

Build Capacity
Provide the training, support, and technology so that faculty, staff, and families feel prepared for the new realities of the 2020-2021 school year.

Sustain our School for the Future
Ensure a strong future for The Meridian School by protecting the financial viability of the organization and keeping the community together through this challenging period.

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