Faculty and Staff

Lydia Cleveland

  • B.A. in Social Work from University of Texas at Austin
  • Certified Teacher (Elementary Education, Special Education, English Language Learners)
  • With The Meridian School since  2020

Lydia has been teaching since 2013, joining The Meridian School in spring 2020 as a substitute K–1 Learning Specialist. Even though she has been with Meridian for only a short time, she has fallen in love with this school community and is excited to continue her time here as a second grade faculty member. Lydia started her teaching career as a kindergarten and ELL teacher in San Antonio and Austin, TX. In 2017, she moved to Seattle for the mountains and sound, and began teaching middle school special education. She believes that strong relationships are the foundation of learning, and that all academic activity can and should be fun. She is trained in Word Wires, Bridges Math, Writers Workshop, and Readers Workshop. Additionally, she has participated in numerous courses about differentiated instruction and is passionate about small-group learning.

In her free time, Lydia enjoys hiking with her dog, looking for the perfect log cabin on Zillow, and refurbishing a new-to-her sailboat with her partner.


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