Faculty and Staff

Nikita Craig

  • Pursued a B.A. in Early Childhood Development from Shoreline Community College
  • Certificate of Completion from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment
  • With The Meridian School since 2017

Nikita, a Ballard-born Seattleite, began her journey in education by joining Meridian’s Extended Day program. Since then, Nikita has filled many roles: Summer Quest group assistant, educational intern, kindergarten specialist support, one-on-one study support during distance learning, and first grade associate faculty. Her goal for her teaching career is to become either an elementary art teacher, inspired by her own teacher Ms. Robbins, or a high school choral performing arts teacher, inspired by Ms. Rowley, her mentor. Aside from academics Nikita enjoys listening to music, painting, gardening, reading philosophy books, and going to protests with her mom.


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