Extended Day

Welcome to The Meridian School Extended Day program for 2013-14!



Our Philosophy

Play is essential to a child’s academic and social-emotional development.  Everyone has an innate playfulness and curiosity that contributes to learning.  The Meridian School offers an Extended Day program that supports the academic program (homework help, class room news, GlobaExtended day; learn by playl Studies), school climate (Responsive Classroom, small group activities), and social activities (community service, special events) in our community in a safe, inclusive, and playful environment.  The Meridian School Extended Day program balances teacher – led and child-centered activities, and enrichment classes that enables students the opportunity to create, learn, engage, and have fun.  The Extended Day program strives to be an active component of the academic program where students have an opportunity to use their extended time at The Meridian School to enrich their on-campus experience.


Extended Day runs from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. and from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. and always includes a nutritious snack for students.


Please read our Extended Day Parent Handbook and return a signed copy of

           the agreement in the Extended Day Room #1 South Annex.


Want to know what's happening in Extended Day this week, click HERE!



Once again it is time for learning and fun after school with Winter Quarter Enrichment Classes. Registration must be done online on our registration webpage, there you will click on the link for Winter Enrichment 2014 towards the bottom of the page (It still says Fall but it's the right link). You can view the courses on the registration page. If you have further questions contact Doug Coppinger, Director of Extended Day and Summer Programs at 206.632.7154, x308.



For those who are looking to help out the Extended Day Program or want to give us your old toys we are looking for a few things.

Tinker Toys!


Divergent, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Hurt Go Happy, Out of my Mind, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The one and onoly Ivan, Artimus Foul, Alice, Christy and Company, Sisters Grim, Emily Windsnap, Ella Inchanted, American Girl Doll Books, Unexpected Events, Dark Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Sisters Club, Goddess Girls, Rangers Aprentice, My Sisters A Pop Star, Fox Trot, Zits, The Twits, Ann of Green Gables, Wonder Struck, Black Beauty, After Iris, The Last Shred, Broken Hearts, Cordially Invited, Vet Volunteers