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Mind & Heart

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Our Mission

The Meridian School cultivates a balance of mind and heart to nurture caring and confident learners prepared to thrive in and contribute to their local and global communities.


Our Values

Individual Potential
We celebrate the broad variety of human potential by knowing and valuing each child as an individual with unique identities and passions. Students are encouraged to take emotional and intellectual risks that build their confidence, perseverance, and unique voices.

Inclusive Community
We work to create an inclusive and equitable community, where students, families, and staff from diverse backgrounds feel respected, supported, and a sense of belonging. We foster a culture of caring and seek opportunities to engage with local, regional, and global communities beyond the school.

Flexible Learning
We understand that each student needs different things at different times. We embrace diverse learning styles and provide an equitable education through a varied and creative curriculum that both stretches areas of strength and supports areas of growth.

Social and Emotional Awareness
We believe an understanding of emotions and social interactions is essential to the development of healthy individuals and communities. We provide tools and guidance to help students grow their self-knowledge and compassion as they learn to care and advocate for themselves, others, and their environment.


Approach to Learning

Guided by a belief in the power of a wide range of human potential, we approach each child’s learning flexibly and responsively. Our inclusive approach serves a diverse community of learners through a universal design for learning approach, instructional differentiation, and small learning groups.




The Meridian community is one where students, staff, and families feel they are known, valued and belong. Our connections are strengthened through strong family involvement and relationships with senior citizens, professional artists, and environmental educators that share our historic building.


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